Pop Culture Haiku: Victoria Beckham’s Fancy Casual Outfit

Fifty-three thousand
four hundred eighty-five bucks.
A pricey getup.

I have been wearing
the same stained ten buck t-shirt
three days in a row.

25 thoughts on “Pop Culture Haiku: Victoria Beckham’s Fancy Casual Outfit

  1. Wait, shouldn’t we subtract the cost of the items she designed herself? That’s some shady math!

    Every time I see a pic of her, all I can think is that her feet must be gnarled. Poor little tootsies.

  2. Wow. Her getup could pay off my mortgage…. Perhaps I have really f*cked up priorities, yes? *snicker* Food for thought. Food for thought. A bit like the pasta I spilled on my shirt an hour ago…..

  3. Screw that! She looks mega uncomfortable. I can’t wait to get home and throw on my old ratty t-shirt and sweatpants. Those shoes look like torture devises!

    You are doing it right, Carrie. Never stop.

  4. v-neck purplish the Target t-shirt – $9

    The Target jeans $13

    The K Mart hiking boots – $34

    total = $56

    I feel spoiled and overdressed. Also, I’m a huge fan of Pish Posh the blogger but I find Posh the celebrity unattractive and worthless.

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