Happy birthday, religious.

I’m not particularly fond of greeting cards. I don’t understand paying $3 for a folded piece of paper with a bunch of words you didn’t write expressing feelings you may or may not feel. I always buy unsentimental funny cards if I can find them. But, clearly, many, many people like greeting cards.

Looking through the cards at the drugstore yesterday, I noticed that they have any card you could ever need for “religious.” Since I don’t like cards and prefer to make my own, I did just that:

20 thoughts on “Happy birthday, religious.”

  1. Ha! I love the “I’m sorry, you’re so religious” card. I could send that one to my Sister-In-Law. Although she would probably reverse the sentiment and send me an “I’m Religious, you’re so sorry” card in return…..
    Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Thank you for this. Freaking hysterical.

    And I do believe you have a bright future with Hallmark. I’m sure the job offer is in the mail as we speak.

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