This is how Zombie Disease is Spread

We went to some antique shops this past weekend, and I strolled past this beauty, which I would have bought in a second if it wasn’t $30:

Do not ever, ever, accept candy from a zombie. I know this is basic stuff you learn in pre-school, but it’s never too late for a reminder. Also, do not ever, ever, accept candy named “Zombies.” While they may only advertise the coconut, rum, and imitation rum (mmmm), we ALL know what the secret ingredient must be.

You know what’s extra awesome about this? I would be SAFE! Why? Because I hate coconut.

And, in case you weren’t sufficiently frightened – this was an empty tin, which means several people are already infected, or, if it was someone like me with control issues, but loved coconut, one person is already infected.