Shmecious Schmemories

A few months ago I ran across some daily vlogs while trying to get a visual fix for my Disney World obsession. After a while  I found watching peoples’ daily lives fascinating after first thinking, “what a weird thing to like to do.”

I started to think about how nice it must be to have all of those memories and outings and conversations in nice little edited bite sized nuggets, and how I had thousands of photos and videos I hadn’t done anything with. Then I thought about how we need new porch furniture cushions and and wondered if we were running low on cheese. That reminded me that my attention span is woefully non-existent these days which isn’t helping the writer’s block issues.

And after that and a lot of tortilla chips, I began to wonder, if I started a vlog on YouTube, would that be enough of an “outside” influence for me to stay on top of videos and creating things the kids may like to see when they’re older instead of the total lack of “inside” motivation I have to do it without anyone else seeing it.


But I’ve done the first few days. I see this also as a challenge to myself. I don’t like the sound of my voice and I get down on myself about a lot of things. I care too much what other people think and I don’t take risks because I can be shy and scared. I see this as throwing myself into the deep end but still within the pool of what I would consider my comfort zone. That was a terrible sentence.

Anyway, below are my first four daily vlogs. If you’re a YouTube person, you can subscribe and comment at the actual video. You can go here to my channel to subscribe (I think the button is to the right below the picture of Jenkins). If not, I’ll probably collect some and put them in a post every once in a while.

It’s been a very good thing to keep my brain busy and the gears in there moving, but not so daunting that I just shut down and don’t do anything (like writing these days). And I’ve thought of a couple of things I could write here now that those gears are creakily turning and churning.

P.S. I can’t for the life of me come up with a name for the channel. I don’t want to use Cannibalistic Nerd because it doesn’t really reflect the content so far. Kremlock is complete gibberish so I’m not sure that works, either. It’s a placeholder, but for what? FOR WHAT?

This post was hastily written during a race against time while Lydia napped. All typos and terrible turns of phrase must be submitted for fear of waking baby.

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  1. I watched them because I am a voyueur and am fascinated by the details of other people’s lives. I liked them! Lydia is adorable. Maybe I’ll be inspired, although the very thought of a vlog is terrifying.

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