Super Friends Season 2, Episode 13 – Safety Segment

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 13, Safety Segment

Original Airdate – November 26, 1977

Let me ask you this: let’s say you’re Wonder Woman, and you’re flying around in your invisible jet, as you like to do, and you see two young boys in a backyard messing around on the lawn.

Super Friends Backyard

Nothing to see here…or is there?

Do you:

A. Think, “how nice, some kids are getting some fresh air camping in the back yard.”


B. Think, “holy fucking shit, those kids are gonna eat some weeds from the yard!”

Well, I’ll have you know if you answered A – you are a shitty Wonder Woman and you have two weed-eating kids’ fates on your head. And if you answered B – good for you although how in the hell you knew from that distance they were gathering random plants to eat is a little confusing.

“Uh, that looks like trouble down there,” you’d say, inexplicably able to differentiate two kids digging in the yard for worms and two dummies collecting grass to eat.

And, you’d be right! Impressive.

Super Friends Best Ideas

“These are gonna make great salad greens for our camp out supper,” one says to the other, proving you to be an insightful and not in any way paranoid Wonder Woman who maybe just assumed because you didn’t want to actually do any work saving anybody that day.

“I wouldn’t eat those if I were you, some of the plants growing in yards are dangerous or even poisonous if you eat them,” you’d say, all smug.

Super Friends Lecture

“Maybe we should ask my mom for some salad stuff out of the refrigerator,” the child would respond. And for some reason you wouldn’t be suspicious of two young boys who seem to be obsessed with eating salads for dinner – surely they are pod people/alien imposters, but oh no, why do any extra work?

No, you get back in your jet, head back to the Justice League and clock out, feeling you’ve done your superheroing for the day.

The End.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 13 – “The Man-Beasts of Xra”

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 13, Storyline A – “The Man-Beasts of Xra”

Original Airdate – November 26, 1977

Introduction: “New Orleans, a city asleep before the dark hours of dawn, unaware of a terrifying presence.” – Narrator

The terrifying presence are these two, oh I don’t know, I guess I’ll call them “Man-Beasts,” deciding to tour the zoo after hours.

Super Friends Terrifying Presence

I found them more confusing than terrifying because they decided to jump the actual gate instead of just going to either side of it and hopping over the little wall like any smart man-beast would do.

Another in a line of extremely unsafe Super Friends zoos.

What kind of crazy unsafe zoo is this?

Super Friends Zoo

Did the elephant give his word that he wouldn’t trample over the little wall and the tiger promise that he wouldn’t walk through the bars?

So, as you’ve all guessed, the man-beasts take a bunch of the animals.

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice

Super Friends Leak

Maybe he was actually being projected onto the screen?

He tells the Super Friends that the animals are missing. This is a job for Batman, Robin, and Superman.

On the way, they pass a billboard, which has me completely stumped:

Super Friends Billboard

Which inspired this conversation with Tom:

Me: What do you think this is a billboard for?

Tom: Cigarettes? Pot?

Me: I GUESS it could be cigarettes but that seems odd for a kid’s show.

Tom: What did you think it was? Tampons?

Me: NO, I thought it was maybe a book and a piece of chalk.

Tom: “Buy a book and a piece of chalk!”

Me: Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense.

So your best guesses are more than welcome.

Later, after the narrator proclaims that they have “streaked” into the night yet again…

The animators had some troubles this episode. First, the leaking man, then they just couldn’t get Batman’s logo right. Apparently, it changes depending on his mood and/or the position of his arm:

Super Friends Logo

There was also a moment where the poor animator was so sleepy and exhausted, he just couldn’t bother drawing the actual bat:

Super Friends Mustache Man

While at the zoo, Batman and Robin spy a Panther Man Beast and follow him to….

Super Friends More Mansions

I’m starting to think this is the same mansion and all the villains just rent it.

Meet Dr. Xra, of “The Man-Beasts of Xra” title fame.

We finally meet our villain, Dr. Xra, who’s doing major genetic testing and modifications.

“By crossing the cells of humans and animals, I have created a half human-half animal mutation. Soon I will create the perfect being with the strength and cunning of an animal and the intelligence of a man.”

Where did Dr. Xra get her degree? Humans ARE animals. Stupid Xra.

Also, she likes purple:

Super Freinds Xra

The Super Friends arrive at the mansion and and like the polite superheroes they are, they ring the doorbell. Dr. Xra must also be a polite and gracious hostess since she tells Panther Man and Wolf Man to “take care” of her guests.

“Holy silent butlers.” – Robin

Robin is more surprised that a door opened by itself than the half man/half beast creatures roaming around.

Batman, Superman, and Robin then get in a big fight with the welcoming committee. Superman tells Wolf Man, “hasn’t anyone told you it’s impolite to interrupt?”

Interrupt what? Them wandering around in the foyer not knowing where to go or what to do?

Superman gets Wolf Man tangled up in a chandelier and then Batman and Robin dispense of Panther man by squeezing “Fast Drying Bat Superglue” on him. Batman instructs Robin, “and be sure to squeeze out equal portions.” What a bossy control freak.

And then…

Superman finds Dr. Xra in her laboratory and she releases the zoo animals, demanding that they attack him. Then there’s an homage to The Graduate,

Super Friends Graduate

and then Superman says to himself that he has to cage the animals without hurting them. Which he does by lifting up the floor while each animal conveniently slides into it’s own cage.

Dr. Xra is now on the run in the swamps of Louisiana.

They easily capture her and then take the animals to the “Justice League Computer,” where it reverses the process and makes them normal again.

Then, they visit the zoo and Batman gets his face eaten off by the wolf because of stupidity and wide bars.

Super Friends Too Close

Well, they don’t actually SHOW it, but obviously that’s what happens.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

Big news but hopefully not as impressive as being the host of a previously unknown alien species.

You know that scene in Alien where the little chestburster explodes from John Hurt’s chest, makes a little baby cry noise and then scurries off to grow to be a big strong man destroying monster?

Precious little angel

Precious little angel

That’s going to happen in me some time in November except instead of an alien it will be a human (hopefully) baby girl and she’ll be emerging south of my chest. And also I’m hoping I’m alive afterward and also that those in the room aren’t whimpering “Oh my God…” and covered in blood. You know, in a BAD way.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t been as active on my blog – I’m tired. I’m thinking that perhaps my child is feeding upon my sarcasm and smart assery and absorbing it into herself which I suppose will both delight and horrify me as she grows up. Anyway, she’s not leaving much for me to work with. But this is also a bit of a cop out because I’ve been lazy since before I was pregnant.

I would also say that I’ve been busy spending a lot of time preparing for this baby but I haven’t even re-watched Mr. Mom ONCE since I found out I was pregnant. I gotta get my act together.

So that’s my big news. I hope to be back at Super Friends and other posts this week/next week if the baby can spare an ounce or two of motivation and energy.

Ohhh, ok. I think I got it now.

I’m at Disney World this week. I was at Hollywood Studios in the bathroom about to do what I thought was wash my hands until I saw this helpful tip.


Say WHAT!? Wet hands!? RINSE? DRY???? Up to now I’d been smearing soap all over my dry hands and then eating a paper towel – this is saying that’s NOT how it’s done. THANK YOU Brawny brand paper towels for giving me such great tips for how to wash my hands.


Beach Week – Highlights

Last week I bitched about the wonderful week I just spent at the beach. Now it’s time to discuss the interesting and fun things that happened.

– “I would use my magic wand on her, steal her powers, and then throw her in a trashcan.” – my 4 year old niece on what she would do to the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

When I suggested she was sounding a bit like an evil queen herself, she denied such accusations.

She’s an interesting little lady. She loves princesses, in theory, but her true passion is for villains.  Her favorite character was the Evil Queen in Snow White, which she watched for the first time last week. Her favorite character in Wizard of Oz is Glinda, but we all know Glinda is a a mega bitch and the true villain of that movie.

– Salt water taffy. I have a serious salt water taffy problem. The only time I eat it is at the beach once a year, but I REALLY go all out. There’s a specific candy store/gift shop where you can get flavors like honey, caramel swirl, cinnamon, etc. So of course as always I bought a big bag of the stuff.

Salt water taffy is a bit like my tumultuous love affair with candy corn. It’s bad for me, it makes me feel like shit, but I can’t stay away. But since I’m supposed to be reminiscing positive memories, I’ll move on.

– My two year old nephew got a hold of my phone camera (ok, I gave it to him willingly). I’d like to present to you The Toddler Collection: Beach Edition. Prints can be purchased if desired.

"Chaise Lounge Tableau"

“Chaise Lounge Tableau”

"Bottom of Side Table" (1 of 20)

“Bottom of Side Table” (1 of 20)

"A Father's Foot"

“A Father’s Foot”

"Pepperoni on a Plate"

“Pepperoni on a Plate”



"The Creeping Abyss"

“The Creeping Abyss”

"Ed's Butt with Besocked Foot"

“Ed’s Butt with Besocked Foot”