More Punny TV Names – Because I Have a Serious Problem and Can’t Stop

I wrote a previous post about the groan-inducing titles of television shows that work a characters name in the title, sometimes with the clever grace of Gallagher’s mallet.

Here are five more titles that I think will inevitably end up on our television screen for our eye holes.

Connie Get a What What – An ASL teacher in the inner city tries to balance work, life, and keep her affair with the school principal a secret.

I Hear a Tiffany – Tiffany plays the flute in an orchestra by day or night, depending on the scheduled performances, and plays the “flute” as a porn actress by day or night, depending on the orchestra’s performances. There’s a lot of chaotic mad dashes between concert halls and studios, and changing clothes in the back of taxi cabs.

Drew Wrote the Book of Love – I am 100% confidant this will eventually be a Dr. Drew reality show.

A Dave in the Life – Dave Johnson is fresh out of college and has to move in with his aunt and uncle, Jodie and Stephen Life. Hijinks and generational misunderstandings ensue.

Supply and Da Man – Reggie “Supply” Jones, a notorious drug kingpin, ends up in prison and strikes up an unlikely friendship with the warden, Manny Moore.

Becky See, Becky Do – Becky has the uncanny ability to read Ikea assembly instructions and get it right the first time without any confusion. She becomes a millionaire helping others put together funny sounding furniture.

My punny show is “Carried Away,” what’s yours?

17 thoughts on “More Punny TV Names – Because I Have a Serious Problem and Can’t Stop

  1. “You Dropped a Tom on Me” … “Tom is on My Side” … “Tom After Tom”.. “There’s No Eye in Tom.” (Premise summaries, please)

  2. Supply and Da Man will fo sho be a show. That is stellar.

    Mist-aken identity

    Misty Mom

    I’m out. Apparently I’m not very creative today. Maybe you can try?

  3. Wow, I am not even going to attempt to throw my name in the mix – nothing rhymes with Vesta. Can I add to yours instead?

    Carrie On…the show in which you randomly walk on to other television shows. You’d be like the set crasher. Ooo! Ooo! I vote you crash the set of True Blood first, preferably in an Alexander Skarsgard scene.

  4. I’ve been trying to put together a piece about that show “Unforgettable” where the chick remembers everything, only with a twist. She just doesn’t forget grudges. So every show she’s like “Is this the victim? That son of a bitch owes me $50!!!”

  5. Oh, wow. I got nothing.

    But, well…with my name and your name, whatever YOU come up with works for me.

    This is great!

    (And would be better if I had something.)

  6. Having been called “Shanna Banana” and “Sha-na-na” my entire life, you’d think I’d have more punny TV names for myself. The best I have come up with is some version of “Shanna-nanigans.”

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