Candy Not for Goats

There’s a place in Pigeon Forge,TN (where we are this week), a magical place, where¬†once, a long time ago, someone said, “We have a bunch goats, maybe people will come look at them.”

Then, someone else said, “But how do you make money off of that? Nobody is going to pay to just come pet some goats.”

“No, they don’t get to pet them.”

“Ok. Are they mean or diseased goats? Are people paying to not have to touch them?”

“No, we’re going to put them on the roof of a building and then inside that building we will sell stuff. And, if people want, they can buy food for the goats, perform manual labor in the blazing sun, and send the food up to the goats. We’ll also build a roller coaster thing and people can pay for buckets of sand with rocks in them, we’ll call it ‘gem mining.'”

“Sure, why not.”

And thus, Goats on the Roof was born.

The goats can have all the goat food and ice cream cones (without ice cream, that’s what they put the goat food in to send it up) they want, but there is one rule:

5-18-15 033


Personally, I would have underlined the word “not,” but I’m not an Expert, so what do I know. I took it to mean only the Skittles and sent five bucks worth of gum up to them.

Before you get your hopes up, the video below is not of me sending a bunch of gum up to the goats. It’s basically showing you slides from my vacation but there’s thousands of them and audio.


6 thoughts on “Candy Not for Goats”

  1. We pass by this place when we go to our cabin in North Carolina! Maybe next time I’ll stop and NOT feed the goats candy.

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