A literal tumbleweed

It’s been four months since I posted anything. You guys, I have on average about 2 hours during the day when Lydia is asleep to do anything. That is usually spent doing nothing because chasing around a toddler is kind of tiring. Then, in the evening, I have to catch up on my TV. Plus, I have a bit of the writer’s block and anything I think I may want to write about then requires the time to write it.

What am I to do? Not watch TV? Are you insane? If not me, who will roll their eyes at the poor decision making of Rick Grimes? Everyone else? Ok, bad example.

I’m thinking about starting a vlog. I think I’m under the complete misconception that this will be easier than writing everything out if I have something I want to comment on (and I’m not kidding, it will probably be mostly me complaining about baby toys and children’s books as that is almost all I do now). And then some (most) of it will probably be mundane footage of my daily life which mainly involves grocery shopping, constant trips to bouncy house facilities, and watching my kid jump on a mini trampoline (See? It’s already redundant just listing things).

I don’t even know if there’s anyone still out there and if they are if they would at all be interested in watching said thing. Leave me a comment if you are. I may do it anyway simply because I have no memory for much of anything anymore and I can just transfer memory-related duties to a computer, just like they want us to.

12 thoughts on “A literal tumbleweed”

  1. I’m still here! I’d watch it. But if you took a sabbatical for the time being, I’d understand that too. Just don’t abandon it forever. That would made me a sad Nagzilla.

  2. I would read/watch anything you post. I haven’t posted since November and that was a depressing post about depression. Can you keep yours more upbeat?

  3. I’m not a fan of vlogs, but have been following your blog for a long time and I would prefer a vlog to having you disappear.

    Give it a try; it might be a better fit for the few moments of “free” time you get during Lydia’s toddlerhood.

    She’s a toddler already? Sheesh.

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